Yours, Exclusively

Our Story

Doch brings you the perfect fusion of Balochi tradition and modern fashion trends. Doch – a term used for traditional Balochi handcrafted embroidery, has a rich history of over thousands of years. It is an integral part of the Baloch culture and identity. Each Doch is a majestic interweaving of vibrant coloured threads that form unique geometric patterns, revealing an artistic representation of diverse regions and landscapes of Balochistan. 

It all started when Doch embarked on a mission to bring this unique Balochi embroidery to the forefront of modern fashion. Blending the mosaic of Doch patterns with elegant cardigans brings the beautiful work of art from all corners of Balochistan to the reaches of current fashion trendsetters of the world. Each Doch cardigan is truly a masterpiece designed exclusively for you. 

Go ahead, make these intricate designs and vibrant colours of Doch cardigans an integral part of your fashion wardrobe. 

Yours, Exclusively